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St. Paddy’s Pre-Endorsement Rally


Download details here on how to become a Sponsor!

Questions: Contact Rob Frank at (412) 583-5973
or via email at : seaddemocrats@gmail.com





        Ticket Printing Sponsor
Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald*


  Beer Sponsor
State Senator Wayne Fontana


 Emerald Level ($250)

                County Councilman John DeFazio (At Large) *

          Michael Thompson for County Executive

              District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr.*


Shamrock Level ($100)

Dan Bricmont   

   Dave & Joan Buchewicz- South Park Democratic Committee

Jefferson Hills Democratic Committee

Congressman Mike Doyle

             Bethany Hallam for County Council (At Large)*          

Pam Iovino for State Senate (Special Election District 37 )*  

       Ryan James for PA Superior Court

  City Controller Michael Lamb*

Sabrina Korbel Attorney

 City Council President Bruce Kraus*

Mary McGinley for Court of Common Pleas*

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

County Controller Chelsa Wagner*

County Treasurer John Weinstein*


Cliffs of Moher Level ($75)  

State Representative Harry Readshaw

                    Amanda Green-Hawkins for PA. Superior Court*                    

Elliot Howsie for Court of Common Pleas*

       Amy Schrempf for City Council*    

Wilkins Township Democratic Chair Angie Gialloreto

Friend Level ($25) 

  Larry Dunn & Associates
 State  Rep. Dan Miller
                       County Councilman Bob Palmosina
                                    Joseph P. Rudolph MD for County Council *
Sal Sirabella